Wind Power News

Here you will find links and information relating to the environment and how renewable energy is now becoming affordable and more popular to meet our energy needs.

Project terminated

By National Wind Watch BELLEVILLE E.ON Climate and Renewables North America, is no longer leasing land in Mifflin and Huntingdon counties for an industrial wind project. The original proposal for the project included 94 turbines on top of Jacks and Stone Mountains. On Nov. 1, residents who had already leased property to E.ON received a letter stating that the company… Read more →

Thousands voice concerns over Rock Island Clean Line

By National Wind Watch More than 1,000 Iowans have joined a group that opposes the $2 billion Rock Island Clean Line wind energy project which aims to build 2,000 wind turbines across Iowa and a 500-mile-long transmission line. Carolyn Sheridan, who lives near Spencer in Clay County, is president of the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance. Sheridan says they have… Read more →

Obama threatens to veto tax-break bill, deepening rift among Democrats

By National Wind Watch President Barack Obama’s threatened veto of a $400 billion-plus tax-break bill exposed a widening fault line within the Democratic Party. Negotiators from both parties, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, were preparing to exclude a pair of Obama’s top priorities from a year-end agreement. The plan would lock in permanent extensions of tax breaks for corporations,… Read more →

Lawrence Solomon: Ill winds blow from wind turbines

By National Wind Watch A Canadian court will soon decide if wind turbines violate Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by posing a risk to human health. Charter case decisions can be convoluted but the fundamental question of health at issue here is straightforward. Wind turbines, from all that is today known and by any rational measure, represent a risk… Read more →